March 2024 Things To Do In San Diego

March is a time where the sun sticks around a bit longer which means more time to soak up all the fun activities to do outdoors in San Diego! The weather may still have chill in the air but you will find plenty of fun entertaining niche things to do in “America’s Finest City” as daylight savings swings back around. Book a room now at a great rate and stay in the center of all major activity in San Diego.

March 2024Celebrating Mexican Musical Heritage – Join us on a journey through the heart and soul of Mexico as we present an enchanting concert spotlighting the rich tapestry of its traditional music. Let the evocative sounds of these time-honored genres transport you to the cultural landscapes and lively celebrations that have defined Mexican musical heritage for generations. Hermanos Herrera is a family group consisting of five brothers and their younger sister. They play various styles of traditional Mexican music including Son Huasteco, Son Jarocho, and Música norteña. The group performs with an energetic style that is both passionate and exhilarating.