2022 San Diego County Fair Fun & Food

SD County Fair
San Diego County Fair at night

 The summer of fun continues in Del Mar at the San Diego County Fair.

Families came out in droves to enjoy the rides, food, and fun activities at the San Diego County Fair over the weekend.  CBS 8’s Brian White spent the day on Sunday searching out all the free things people can do at the fair.
“Just spending time with the family, taking them out, enjoying this nice San Diego weather,” said Marcus Harper. Book your room now for the month of July and save on money with a great room rate.

“We were watching the animals, getting some good food, and just here chilling out with the family, fun day today,” said Shannel Honore.

Hall of Heroes exhibit

The superhero-themed Hall of Heroes exhibit is one way you’ll be sure to have lots of fun for free.  “It was real cool cause like they had all this cool stuff, like all these superheroes,” said 8-year-old Daniel Richards.

And the ‘Hall of Heroes’ is not just for kids.  Shannel Honore was more than excited about the Batmobile on display.  “That’s from the 1960’s, so when I was a kid, we’d watch the original Batman shows, you would see the original Batmobile and you would get really, really excited,” said Honore.  “This is really cool.”

Plenty of families had fun taking pictures next to their favorite superheroes. “I was trying to blow a hole through the wall,” said Jennifer Harrison.  “And trying to look very angry while I was doing it.”

“I am here having an amazing time with my family and try to be Spiderman’s girl,” said Diana Garcia.  Another free thing to do with your family is to visit the petting zoo.

“We’re enjoying it here with our kids,” said Carlos Rodriguez.  “I’m with my grandbabies and this is one of the things that we wanted to do as we showed up to the fair, so it’s exciting.  The kids are having a good time.”

SD County Fair Food
Food vendors allow for great tasting local fare

Searching for a speakeasy

A hidden speakeasy at the Fair, so we asked around.

Brian White asked, “Do you know where the speakeasy’s at?” Honore replied, “The Speak Easy?  Hahaha.  Where’s the speakeasy?”

After searching around for a couple hours, we found one of the telltale clues that we were near.  Plastic, pink flamingos are placed near the ticket window.  The elusive speakeasy has sweeping views from the patio overlooking the Fair.  There is no cover charge to enter, but the drinks do cost money.

“Up here, we have rooftop views.  It’s a great place to get away from the madness down on the avenue,” said speakeasy manager Jeff Helton.  “It’s the most comfortable bar location we’ve built this year.  It’s really decked out and kind of stylish and friendly atmosphere.”

Helpful hints

And if you’re looking to find it yourself, here are some helpful hints.

“We’ve got a few clues scattered throughout the fairgrounds,” said Helton.  “All the bartenders have information about it at the different locations, and then we have a bunch of little plastic flamingos hidden near the ticket window, so that’s kind of how we’re getting people to find the spot.”