Popular Tourists Spots for San Diego Travelers



Popular Tourist Spots For San Diego Travelers

The city of San Diego is a beautiful costal place to visit, because it has so much to offer the traveler. The combination of party life, relaxation and tourism makes for so much to do, but visitors often have only a limited amount of time. Excursions to this wonderful California hot spot should plan ahead, so they can take in all the best San Diego has to offer.

Here are a few of the great places to go while exploring this modern American city. If you can find time to do everything listed here, then you might consider moving to San Diego, because your life will never be the same again.

La Jolla

Being the top upscale prime beach town isn't easy, but La Jolla makes it look like it. The jewel of San Diego overlooks the Pacific Ocean and makes an impression on anyone who visits it. Besides being a beautiful beachfront place, there are a myriad of lovely places to eat and locations to shop until you drop. Active visitors might want to try out kayaking, surfing, tide pool hopping, costal biking, or just running along the beaches. Take time to walk through La Jolla and spend some quality time seeing the real California. It will be a one of the best days you spend on your vacation or leisure time.

Balboa Park

Perhaps the most picturesque park in California today, Balboa Park is a sight seeing tapestry of beauty. There are many architectural and natural gardens, making this a site popular with photographers, artists and historians. The influence of Panamanian culture is evident everywhere you go, but it is also a tourism shopping experience. The park is filled with fine dining, fashion and import shops, so it is a great place to find gifts to bring home and souvenirs from your experience in San Diego, but also California.

Coronado Island

This isn't truly an island, but the peninsula is so popular that Coronado is referred to as one. This narrow piece of land lies between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay, so it is only a short trip for anyone visiting the region. Coronado is known for having the best beach in the country, a classic hotel resort, downtown life that parties with the best, and a lively spirit that is so Californian. Even with all this, Coronado Island is a fine place to relax and take a stroll down the coastline. The peninsula holds walking tours that highlight the unique history of this infamous hot spot for travelers.

Sea World

If your interests lie around the ocean and all things under the sea, then this is a must see in San Diego. Sea World is a park that must been seen to really appreciate it. There are many unique visitor opportunities to see marine life up close and personal. It is the only park of it's size and kind on the West coast, so don't miss out. Share the Sea World experience with the millions of people that have visited it, while exploring the San Diego area.

San Diego Zoo

In all the world, no zoological experience compares to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Animals at the zoo live much like their natural habitat would allow, except that natural predators are kept separate from their prey. The big draw is the safari style tours, these being the closest most human beings will ever come to seeing animals in the wild. You can see pandas, giraffes, condors, pythons, gorillas, and a host of other creatures from nature here. There are even hands on opportunities to pet many of nature's critters, but there is a pride of lions at the zoo and they prefer you keep your distance.

Or Just Go to the Beach

Don't belittle the fun and enjoyment simply going to the beach can be, especially in a costal heaven like San Diego offers. Just head West from anywhere in San Diego and you will find a beach inevitably. The sun, surf, swimming and surfing can make all your troubles disappear. Make a day of it, because the beaches in San Diego are par none, some of the best places to explore in all of California.

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